Faithful servants of the clients

real-estate-agentReal estate agents are in essence there to serve the people who hire them. No matter whether an agent works alone, or they are a part of an agency; their ultimate goal is to fulfill requests from their clients. They do this through completion of duties that follow their work, and this is where we can discern two types of agents, those that work with buyers and those that help sellers.

A talented real estate agent can perform both duties, but never in the same deal as that is illegal. They can assist in a sale of a property and at the same time search for a property to purchase, for another client. The only thing they aren’t allowed to help a seller by finding a buyer and working for both parties. Those that are caught in this act will lose their license and pay a fine and possibly go to the jail.

Real estate agent as a buyers’ servant

real-estate-agent2An individual that works with customers has duties that focus on finding suitable housing for the client. This might sound easy, but in reality, it requires a lot of footwork as well as sitting in the office and checking various listings and MLS activity reports.

A good portion of the work is online where agents review MLS reports and contact online leads. This allows them to find possible matches for their client requests. This part of the work follows the initial meeting and education of the clients. An agent won’t agree to work with a customer who they deem not serious in their desire to buy a home.

After the agent considers the client trustworthy, then they will search for property that matches the request. When they find several real estate locations that do match with the application they take their client on tours of those places. The negotiation process starts when the client is choosing one or more properties they would like to buy. The process ends when both parties come to an agreement on the price and other elements of the deal.

An agent in the service of a seller

real-estate-agent3Sellers contact the real estate agency to sell their property as soon as possible and at the most favorable price. The sale of property carries a lot of paperwork and organization, and homeowners don’t want to take on the burden of doing that alone. The agency or an agent will take over most of the work that surrounds the sale of the property.

This type of representation includes everything from extensive paperwork (making sure that everything is legal and that all data on the paper corresponds the physical appearance of the house) to cleaning the property and organization of the open houses and other private tours.

Real estate agents are there to please you

People who start working in this line of business have to go through numerous courses as well as training. They learn how to communicate with people and negotiate for better prices as the social interactions are very important aspect of this business.